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Anti-Pacman Anti-Pacman

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

People are totally wrong

I dig the fact that it's hard to control the ghosts. If it wasn't that way there'd be no point to the game. SUPER FUN man. I love it. Much better than your anti td game.

One thing I'd definitly change is that you should automatically lose when you're down to one ghost.

Cursor Game Cursor Game

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Best Enemies Ever

Communist Zeppelins + Evil Faeries = Awesome. However the game itself was not that good. Since I like non pointless reviews I'll tell you that you should make the enemies flash red or crack or something when you hit them. Also some kind of evident (i couldn't tell any) difference between the cursors (such as doing more damage or whatnot) would help make this game more unique. The cursor powerups should also be less frequent (if I recall correctly a new one spawns every time you pick one up). Great graphics though and nice concept that could have gone way farther. Sounds were lacking in general; I didn't really mind the music as much as everyone else but the sound effects weren't good, you should have had an explosion for the zeppelins or something.

Funkylikamonkey responds:

Thanks for the long review :D
I'll definately take it into account if I may another one.

Nimian Hunter Nimian Hunter

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Awesome Graphics, Terrible Gameplay

There's way more to game making then graphics and 3d programming. A huge problem with this game was the lack of instructions. I started off walking in the opposite direction of the big green markers so I had no idea to go towards them. After spending about 5 minutes trying to catch birds I turned around and realized the markers were there. Second, this game was incredibly boring. Running around repetitive scenery (no matter how good it looks for flash) is just no fun. The game was incredibly easy and the plot was quite frankly terrible. Apparently I destroyed the world so now I have to feed a big red head to revive it by riding around on a horse and catching bugs with a lasso. Then, after flying on a giant bug and the big red head, who I'm told is named Xexis, I am now magically teleported back to my horse to run up to a big blue head with a little body. Here I am magically turned into a statue which somehow revives the world. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that all sounds? Anyway good graphics. Bad story, gameplay, and game design.

popopt responds:

That brough a smile to my face and made me laugh:) i mean, sure, you're right...running around a desert land feeding dissembodied heads and roping flying centipedes is ridiculous compared to real life, and its funny to get a good roasting from a player. Thanks for the graphics compliments and ill work on the story part in the future

ThiefBaum's World ThiefBaum's World

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I checked the ebaumsworldsucks website and this wasn't on there but I'm guessing it will be up soon since AltF4 was involved and it used the same graphics as the cartoon.

Basic Shading tutorial Basic Shading tutorial

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Very bad tutorial...

But nice design. The first step to teaching shading is ALWAYS telling people to use one light source to relate all the shading around. Your "Line Shading" of the box isn't correct; the top side of the 3-D box isn't even shaded with the same light source of the other side. Your "Shrinking and recoloring method" example was what really ruined all hope for the usefullness of this tutorial. You my friend have just shown everyone how to pillow shade, a very bad technique of shading. Pillow shading is were the light source of your object is seemingly inside the shape (with it's lightest point being in the middle and it's darkest at the edges). The only time pillow shading is realistic is when the object is a source of light such as a light bulb, or, assuming that your "ball" is a sphere, that the light is coming straight from the viewer. This is all kind of hard to explain without pictures. Anyway, as I said, nice design on the tutorial I just wished you were a little more informed on the topic.

Pilgr1m responds:



2006| LoP Trilogy 2 2006| LoP Trilogy 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Work

This is the best point-and-click adventure I've ever played on Newgrounds. Instead of making ridiculously impossible puzzles (that usually aren't even based on any logic whatsoever), you made your game straightforward and possible to beat without using any help from guides or other reviewers. The voice acting was pretty good (except a few weak characters like the cult members and the hangman guy). The graphics were superb and the humor was solid. The length of the game was amazing for such high quality. Good luck with the finale.

Doomsday 2 Doomsday 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good

But not as good as rage. One thing you could improve is when I hold down "A" to shoot a gun the guy should just keep his arm up instead of swinging it up and down over and over like an idiot. I haven't played Doomsday 1 but if the tank was something new I thought that was cool.
I usually don't bother reviewing front page stuff like this but I couldn't resist pointing out how dumb this other review (Jayscott's) was:
"not bad graphics but WORK ON UR SPRITES"
First of all, the graphics weren't sprites. And second of all you can't tell someone they had not bad graphics and to work on their sprites in the same sentence, since the sprites are the graphics.

Ultimate Goal Ultimate Goal

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sweet Game

This is an awesome game with excellent graphics and level design.
A very large problem that should be changed if there's a second version is that things react even when you just hold down the keys (only objects this doesn't work for are the spikes and gates because they will come back down/up again). This makes the game incredibly easy because i was able to keep space, left, and right pressed all at the same time while just concentrating on the up and down objects. The game shouldn't be like this if intentionally so because it drastically takes away from the challenge and game play. Another cool thing that could be added to this game are timed objects that shouldn't be pressed as soon as possible (like having a spike to the right of a spring so that when you are right on top of the spring you must press up to bounce over the spike otherwise the spring will already be used and you will roll right into the spike). Might be difficult to program but in the end it would be totally sweet.

Athalina RPG Athalina RPG

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Brought down by a major flaw

I was having a pretty positive experience until I tried the berry getting quest and realized three things:
1)There are a limited number of enemies in the forest with no respawn
2)The enemies drop berries at random and there aren't five specific enemies that drop the berries (you need five berries to finish).
3)There is no way to leave the forest after starting the quest without getting all of the berries and even if you save and reload you do not save your levels obtained while the forest.
Thus, this amounted to the conclusion that even if you killed every monster in the forest there is still the chance you do not get enough berries and you must save, reload, and start all over again. I did this, tried again, failed again and gave up on the game.

LonLonRanch responds:

3)Your wrong, you can get out of the forest by going to the West wall enterence (where your started) and if you step on the Silver plate it even says "Press Spacebar to go back to town. And If you save and load you would end up in town with all progress. So with that said, I invite you to go back and try again, if you want to of course.

Invasion of the Space Inv Invasion of the Space Inv

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Game

This is a pretty good game but it needs a little more variety in things to pick up and things to do with the things you pick up. Also there should be a kill counter along with the abduction counter. Up and down movement would be cool especially if you could slam yourself down into the floor killing all of the people in one of the two lines (you know the row that's closer to us and the row that's farther back). Also, more variety in the people would be nice. This was also way, way too easy to beat as long as you just keep abducting people to refuel your health. Awesome idea for next one: Let you use previous abducted people to shoot back at your enemies in the form of toasted human bullets!